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One day, the weather was fine. Siu-ming and a group of small

partners into a green lawn for soccer. They are divided into two teams,

one team is red team, a team of the yellow team. Xiao-Ming Huang team is

team Scud. Soon as the whistle, the football from the personal side,

crossed the red team's Xiaogang what a Scud, the football played high,

and far off. "Ah, scored a net of the yellow team!" Red team members

were excited to cheer for him desperately, and some emotion is so

intense it will be Xiaogang high toss. This makes yellow team members

were very angry, and Scud-Xiao Ming can be angry it! He played much

football kick put the football on the ground Gulugulu to roll forward,

Xiao-Ming Qi Gugu, the cheek side of a transparent shed sweat, the mouth

pursed, hot pursuit of letting go. Catching up with her aunt to one of

the window, stood on a windowsill that a pot of bright red aunts of the

most beloved of the Chinese rose. Xiao-Ming is too angry, and kicked the

football kicked the air, soccer-shun straight from the air fall to the

sill of the basin of Chinese rose knocked over. Xiao-Ming, see things

were not going to immediately adopt the football to whom Aunt's

doorstep. "Dongdong Dong", Xiao-Ming Qiaoliaojixia door gently. Squeak

----- Suddenly the door opened, and before him stood an aunt, aunts,

kindly, said: "Come in", Xiao-Ming for aunt sat on the sofa, Small said:

"Auntie, I am sorry, I put you The pot shattered. "aunt, said:" Never

mind, you are really honest child! "Xiao-Ming Zizi sweet heart, and

happily go








欧洲足球对中国足球的启示英文「足球用英语表达」  第1张


football in china

Although the game has developed steadily in the country, the national men's team standard has been generally poor (compared globally in the FIFA World Rankings). The team has continuously struggled to qualify for the World Cup, with exception to the one time historic appearance in 2002 held in Japan and Korea, where the team lost all their games and failed to score a single goal. Reasons that have been given for the general low performance of the men's national team include, besides others:

sub-par technical standards in training, selection and preparation

lack of leadership and vision from the Chinese Football Association

incompetent organization and government interference

corruption, especially in the refereeing of matches

low participation and neglect of grassroots and junior football (according to the 2006 FIFA Big Count, China had 708,754 amateur and youth players from a population of 1.3 billion compared to 738,800 from 41 million in England)

over-reliance on foreign coaches (mainly eastern European, Serbian) signals lack of domestic coach development

unable to cope with the pressure from the Chinese football press and media

A few football initiatives have been developed, including the Vision China 2003-2012 Programme (part FIFA Vision Asia) which has set the target of reaching the highest standard in Asia and reaching the quarter final of the men's competition at the 2008 Olympic Games (however China did not qualify from the group stages, finishing with one point and third on goal difference). The programme covers the 11 elements of the national associations, marketing development, grassroot foundation or youth development, coach and referee education, sports medicine, men's and women's competitions, futsal, media and communication, and the fans. It also includes assessments on Chinese football, setting goals, planning activities and implementing and monitoring them. Goal Project for China (part of FIFA Goal Project) invested in China to help build the new headquarters of the CFA. By 2013, it is hoped that through these projects that China will rank in the top 20 in the world by 2013.



俄罗斯世界杯上“扎心的”中文标语:力挺了那么多年 快挺不住了



俄罗斯世界杯上“扎心的”中文标语:你若上场 13亿无人缺席










Football in China

When I still was a small child, I have formed an unrealistic picture of my future life, I thought that I will become an excellent football player or become other sport player. I shall help China team fly out Asia and attend the world cup of FIFA to get illustrious achievement, so I shall owe my sky which like a sort of paradise. But with my growth, the other side of the picture appeared, furthermore it was quite the opposite. My life should be in an office instead of a football field. My former picture only is a dream which never come true. There is not an element of truth in the first picture, and it is unnecessary to have opportunity to find out. The China football is too disappointed to us!

In recent years, I only wish the China football team stay at the top grade of Asia longer. But it is impossible. The China football team just likes a badly damaged boat, but Korea, Iran and Japan like aircraft carriers. So China team has draggled out and away. The boat continually sinks and should have it repaired. Now they have fallen to be the third grade of Asia football scopes, and they so much as can not defeat Singapore team. The Australia team which nearly eliminated the powerful Italy team at the field of world cup has joined the Asia football scopes, but this does not prove to be problem. The Chinese football officer will instigate the Australia team join the Europe football scopes. Certainly the instigated countries include Korea, Iran, Japan and Singapore too. Hence, the China football team would be genuinely sorry that they would not appreciate the wonderful celebration action of the above teams for score when they have a match each other in a same field.



新华社西安5月23日电 题:亚洲球员闪耀欧陆足坛带给我们哪些启示?



22日,2021-2022赛季英超落幕。效力托特纳姆热刺队的韩国球星孙兴民以23粒进球的成绩,与利物浦王牌射手萨拉赫一起分享了英超金靴的奖项,这是 历史 上第一次有亚洲球员获得该项荣誉。孙兴民的进球中没有一粒点球,萨拉赫却有五粒点球进球,如此对比,孙兴民的金靴成色更足。









武磊、沈梦雨、唐佳丽、李磊……中国男女足这几位留洋球员,就像是漫漫长夜中的几盏烛火一般,让中国球迷稍感慰藉。参考孙兴民、镰田大地等人的“留洋”经历,中国年轻球员应该制定早出国,以欧洲三、四流俱乐部为“跳板”的 “留洋”方略,步步为营,再进一步向欧洲豪门俱乐部的位置发起冲击,以求在豪强林立的欧洲足坛,竖起一面属于中国足球的大旗。